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Avalon Consulting, LLC works very closely with a select group of partners. We serve our clients' needs through our expertise in the vendor platforms and ability to engage the partner on their behalf.


MarkLogic is revolutionizing the way organizations leverage information. The company's flagship product is a purpose-built database for unstructured information. Customers in industries including media, government and financial services use MarkLogic to develop and deploy information applications at a fraction of the time and cost as compared to conventional technologies such as relational databases and search engines.

Since partnering with MarkLogic in 2009, Avalon has been named Partner of the Year (2011) and Innovator of the Year (2012) in consecutive years.  We have delivered significant solutions on MarkLogic Server, and introduced intellectual property enhancing the platform that includes USP for MarkLogic, ContentMARK, and USAP.


Ingeniux is a full-service web content management software and enterprise social software vendor that enables organizations to manage world-class websites and turn content into advantage. The Ingeniux CMS Web Experience Management platform delivers usable, scalable, innovative solutions for managing websites, online media, and team collaboration.

Avalon is expert in the backend deployment and customization of solutions based on Ingeniux.


The Leading 100% Open Source Hadoop Distribution

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is a pure open source Apache Hadoop distribution. It is ideal for organizations that want to combine the power and cost-effectiveness of Apache Hadoop with the advanced services and reliability required for enterprise deployments.


Cloudera offers enterprises a powerful new data platform built on the popular Apache Hadoop open-source software package. Cloudera enhances the storage and processing technologies originally developed by the worlds biggest Web companies, allowing its growing list of global customers to use Hadoop to solve problems and achieve their particular business goals.