Are you seeing the full picture of the opportunity that Big Data represents for you?  Don't let a "simple visual" hide the enormity of the potential (not to mention the task) from you!

Don't get stuck staring at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Big Data. Contact Avalon; we'll help you realize the full picture and start you on the journey to success. 

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Analytics Question Space

The pace of business is getting faster. This means we have to make more decisions in the same amount of time. Thus, the pace at which we can develop and deliver analytics needs to increase.

The speed at which an analytics project can be executed is dependent on the speed at which the data to support it can be assembled.  Additionally, the effectiveness of the project depends on assembling the "right" data.

Avalon's Analytics Services will show you the way. Read our blog post on The Analytics Question Space to gain further perspective, and then contact us to arrange a free phone or web conference consultation

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Big Data Strategy

You understand your business. You know what questions you'd like answers to and you know where the data is that you need to get those answers. But navigating the maze of technologies that comprise big data solutions to bring that data together in the way you need is a whole different matter.  That's where Avalon will provide you with value. Our working knowledge of the range of Big Data technologies allows us to consider your specific situation and map out the proper strategy. Contact us to set up an initial consultation that will help you get a clearer picture of the landscape as it pertains to your business needs and to learn more about our 3-Day Big Data Workshop. 

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Big Data Consulting Services

With proven expertise in mature technologies and thought leadership in those that are emerging, our team of senior-level consultants will help you implement the technologies you need to manage and understand your data - allowing you to predict customer demand and make better decisions faster than ever before.

We are experts in advanced big data technologies --- NoSQL (including enterprise NoSQL like MarkLogic and open source NoSQL like MongoDB, Couchbase, Cassandra) and Hadoop (and the technologies within its ecosystem ... Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, Spark, to name a few).  

We are capable of tackling your initiatives turnkey, whether for a large project or a simple POC, as well as working side by side with your established team to augment your existing initiatives.  Contact us today to discuss a specific project need!

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Avalon believes that knowledge is a key for long term success  for any organization. We've collaborated with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, an institution of Higher Education ranked #1 among undergraduate engineering programs for 15 consecutive years, to create training on Big Data and Hadoop.

Contact us for information on our:

  • 3-Day Hadoop Bootcamp
  • 3-Day Big Data Bootcamp

Both bootcamps were developed by Professor Sriram Mohan, PhD, of Rose-Hulman, drawing on his experiences in implementing real world Big Data solutions as part of his sabbatical with Avalon. 

Avalon is using these bootcamps for the professional development of our own team members … and with a 100% success rate in achieving Hadoop certification as a result!

Contact us today to help with your Big Data training needs. 

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