Work Where You Are

Avalon Consulting, LLC continuously seeks talented individuals to join our dynamic team. We have physical offices located in McKinney, TX (Dallas/Fort Worth), Vienna, VA (Washington D.C.), Austin, TX, Boulder, CO, Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO. In addition, we have announced a new office in Minneapolis, MN and will open a physical office there soon. Our teams across all of our offices enjoy collaborating closely through our extensive internal knowledge base. Additionally, we offer qualified senior consultants the flexibility to live, and thus work, anywhere in the United States. These experienced professionals enjoy the same quality collaboration with the full Avalon team through that knowledge base without having to uproot their families. If you are an accomplished professional possessing the skills tantamount to our success, your physical location will not be a barrier to employment with Avalon.

Here are a few pictures taken by some of our remote employees of their working environment. As can be seen, the "visitors" to our remote locations are a bit different from the visitors to our physical offices. And while these offices aren't able to proudly display the many company awards on their walls, something tells us the aesthetics suit our remote employees just fine.