ContentMARK™ for MarkLogic

ContentMARK™ is an application development framework targeted for use in creating custom web-based systems on your MarkLogic platform. Out of the box, you can use ContentMARK to create robust web content managed sites and then further customize to create highly complex applications. ContentMARK provides a searchable repository and delivery system for your text, binary and xml assets.

Benefits of using ContentMARK for managing your MarkLogic custom solution development needs:

  • Reduced project risk
  • Reduced project cost
  • Enhanced maintenance and application manageability
  • Speed to market for your innovations

For rapid and feature-rich implementations, ContentMARK provides the following features:

  • Schema Based Content: All ContentMARK content items are controlled and managed through xml schema definitions (XSD). A broad range of meta properties, used to facilitate search, layout, access, etc., can be applied to content items throughout your web content.
  • Templated Layout: Site layout is configured and controlled through templates. Templates can be added, edited and deleted through the user interface. A template is the placeholder for content containers.
  • Container Management: Containers are the mechanisms for displaying static or dynamic content. Containers are placed in templates and then evaluated at runtime.
  • Asset Management: ContentMARK is equipped with an asset management system that allows you to store any type of content. Assets are managed through a series of screens that allows you to upload and delete items as well as manage meta properties associated with the content. Further processing can be applied to uploaded documents through the content processing framework.
  • Content Versioning: Versioning is enabled on all container content. You have the ability to rollback to prior versions of content.
  • Publishing: ContentMARK controls public facing content through a two step publishing process. Templates and containers are initially placed in a draft mode that is only visible to content managers. After content is ready for public consumption, the content manager is able to publish the specified content to the site.
  • Security:
    • User Management: Users are managed through a series of administration screens. ContentMARK allows for native MarkLogic accounts as well as external OAUTH2 providers like Facebook and GitHub.
    • Role Management: ContentMARK uses role based security to grant or deny access to content and assets within the system.
    • Access Management: Users are mapped to roles and roles are mapped to authorization. Authorization is controlled through a series of management screens.

ContentMARK is easily customized to fit your organization's unique needs. Contact us now to learn how Avalon's ContentMARK can reduce your time to delivery with MarkLogic-based solutions and increase the functional capability your users will enjoy.

Watch this video tutorial for an in-depth exploration of ContentMARK capabilities and architecture