Digital Asset Management

Are you really in control of the digital assets that you rely on and create?

Perhaps a quiz can help.  Let's start with something simple:  Can you find your most recent company logo?
(Don't feel bad if your answer to that is "no"--you are not alone!)

Now something a little more involved, but that impacts us all on a daily basis: Can you figure out for yourself whether your organization has an image, video, or audio file that you need, or do you have to send emails to many people and wait for responses?
(Consider the hidden, but massive, productivity costs facing large organizations.)

And now something far more complex:  Do you know what digital assets you've licensed for all your products and websites and when those rights expire?
(Wait, what? Do you mean my organization is potentially at risk of licensing violations?)

Avalon Consulting, LLC will help you implement solutions to control your digital assets. Our analysts and developers will migrate your assets into a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and work with you to develop DAM solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Silos Happen, We Can Help

Every enterprise wants to put its digital assets into a single system. But silos happen. Separate DAMs for marketing and production. DAMs for the public website and the intranet. Legacy DAMs that no one can shut down.

And don't forget metadata. There are always separate systems containing valuable information about your digital assets: contracts, order tracking and fulfillment, title and product databases, just to name a few.

Avalon provides expertise at using cutting-edge NoSQL, Semantic and Big Data technologies to combine metadata from multiple systems.

We can give you a unified view of your digital assets.

Avalon Consulting, LLC Offers

  • Metadata strategies
  • DAM integration and customization
  • Digital Rights management
  • Asset and metadata preparation and migration
  • Custom DAM solutions

Contact us and ask about our complimentary DAM assessment and we'll help you assess if you really are in control of your digital assets. And how to get there if you are not.