Vignette Health Check

Vignette Content Management is the critical backbone to your successfully established Enterprise Content Management strategy. By the very nature of the difficult work VCM does, it is a complex system that requires regular check-ups to maintain its health and a superior "fitness" level. Having a professional perform a physical from time to time will ensure that the system will not only remain healthy, but also that costly or inconvenient emergencies are avoided. If it has been awhile since you've evaluated the wellness of your Vignette environment, you may be due for a Vignette Health Check from Avalon Consulting.

Avalon's Vignette experts will:

  • Verify that your implementation is compatible with the Supported Platforms and recommend extensions and upgrades to improve scalability and reliability
  • Audit your current installation of Vignette products and recommend changes to optimize performance
  • Compare major components of your implementation to Vignette Best Practices, including configuration, content models, security models, workflow, and overall use of the Vignette product suite
  • Assess governance, training, business satisfaction and opportunities to improve return on investment

When did you last evaluate the wellness of your Vignette environment? Contact us today for a Vignette Health Check.