Unified Search Platform

Avalon's Unified Search Platform™ provides a flexible search interface to enhance the power of the Enterprise Search platform you've already invested in, providing the power user search experience your users are looking for.

  • For the Site User, USP delivers a state-of-the art search experience that greatly facilitates "finding"
  • For the Business Sponsor, USP provides a rapid path to implementing the powerful search experience users expect
  • For the IT organization, USP reduces implementation risk

Avalon's Unified Search Platform strikes a balance between great user experience and ease of implementation while providing a framework that can be tailored to suit your specific business objectives.

Supported Platforms: MarkLogic Server, Autonomy IDOL, Ultraseek, Apache Solr and Google Search Appliance

Screenshot of Unified Search Platform

Let us equip you with a more powerful search solution. Contact us to learn more about how the Unified Search Platform can bring business results to your organization.