As a customer of MarkLogic you are at the leading edge of solving the complex business problems presented by big data. Avalon Consulting, LLC provides expertise, innovation, and thought leadership, enabling our clients to make the most of their MarkLogic investment.

Since partnering with MarkLogic Corporation in 2009, Avalon has delivered successful search, content enrichment, publishing, and mobility solutions to more than a dozen MarkLogic customers.

We offer pre-packaged solutions such as our industry-recognized Unified Search PlatformTM (USP), a flexible search interface that provides the power user search experience your users have been begging for; ContentMARKā„¢ for MarkLogic, an out-of-the-box CMS toolkit for developing powerful content management solutions on MarkLogic Server; and our 3-Day Search Workshop.

We're pushing the envelope with research & development efforts related to creative applications of MarkLogic.

  • We're ingesting & managing content from disparate sources, including learning content.
  • We're capturing and analyzing social media input streams.
  • We're applying our deep knowledge of the high-end content management world to provide CMS capabilities for MarkLogic customers.
  • We're integrating MarkLogic with text analytics tools, linked data, and Hadoop to create practical applications for our clients in managing their BigData.

Avalon is your trusted resource for ensuring optimal success in your MarkLogic implementation projects. We do this by adding senior architectural oversight and expert development resources to your team as needed. Avalon does not seek to take over your development; we seek to become a part of your team and an expert mentor. This allows you to reap value from our engagement long after our projects with you have ended.