Analytics Framework

Analytics Framework™ creates the roadmap to great data

How do you pick out the important snowflakes in the information blizzard? Avalon's deep experience has proven that the best place to start is with the business. And how do we do that? It's simple -- we ask. Our Analytics Framework allows us to quickly structure the response of the business into the analytics infrastructure that they want and need.

Analytics Framework starts by creating a target. This target represents a business objective valid for any combination of structured and unstructured data. Analytics Framework allows our clients to focus implementation efforts on areas that will deliver the greatest business value in the shortest amount of time. Our Big Data Services and Unified Search Analytics Platform (USAP) facilitate the achievement of efficient and effective results in these implementations.

The nature of analytics is: we ask a question, we get an answer and that causes us to either ask more questions or look at the data in a different way. Data sets need to be engineered to anticipate the downstream questions.  Analytics Framework anticipates these needs and allows us to create as robust an infrastructure as the business can envision, while being flexible to future needs.

Two key outputs of Analytics Framework are a detailed Decision Data Model (DDM) and a Data Availability Model.

Workshops conducted with the business allow us to construct the DDM.

The center column of the DDM contains the measures that the business has determined are important. The outer ring of boxes shows the facets or dimensions that may be used to analyze the data.

We use the DDM to build the Data Availability Model:

The colors indicate the amount of effort required to assemble the data and make it usable. Green is data that is available for use today, while the red and yellow need additional work. This may involve preparing unstructured data or integrating data from third party sources with existing structured data.

Once the data availability is known, the business is empowered to commission implementations that will put in place analyzable, actionable data.

Analytics Framework differs from most other approaches in its ability to encourage cross-functional use of the information. By conducting workshops with multiple business functions (Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Product Management, etc.) we are able to break down the data silos that inhibit an organization from making full use of its data.

Our Analytics Framework™ Services include:

  • Executive Direction Sessions
  • Analytics Framework Workshops
  • Data Availability Assessment
  • Value x Feasibility Mapping
  • Analytics Roadmap Development

Great analytics demands great data. If you're interested in harnessing analytics to deliver business results and want to learn more about how Avalon will help you establish great data, contact Wayne Applebaum at