DevOps Services

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Organizational Change

Change is hard and change is even more difficult if your organization is not open to change. DevOps requires a shift in organizational thinking and processes in order to achieve the business value alignment that high performing DevOps teams deliver.

DevOps starts and ends with an organization's ability to accept change. No set of magical tools will enable a team to be successful without aligned organizational support. Avalon provides companies the necessary expectations and support to start or fix DevOps transformations.


Avalon leverages its proven consulting experience in providing you with a battle tested roadmap detailing realizable DevOps transformations inside your organization. We align DevOps practices with your defined business objectives to help transform your team from disparate goals to value stream alignment. Avalon delivers these roadmaps through a series of workshops tailored to your environment. We take a highly collaborative approach based on truly understanding your organizational state resulting in achievable paths to success.


We are experts in implementation. Implementation is straightforward once you have the right organizational mindset. We help implement the following:

  • Continuous Delivery / Infrastructure Automation / Infrastructure as Code
  • Logging / Monitoring
  • Configuration / Externalized Secure Configuration
  • Service Discovery
  • Microservices
  • Scheduling / Orchestration (Containerization, Kubernetes, Nomad)
  • Immutable Infrastructure
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)