Vignette Consulting Services

Avalon is an expert in implementing Vignette solutions for the enterprise web. We can help you deliver the right web experience to your users and deliver business value to your organization.

  • Vignette Content Management: DPM/DSM architecture and development, installations, upgrades/migrations, listener development, performance tuning, content type design, workflows, and security.
  • Vignette Application Portal: Architecture and planning, installations, upgrades/migrations, performance tuning, custom portlet development (including JSR168), UI design, and Vignette Builder integration.
  • Vignette Business Collaboration Server: Architecture and planning, installations and upgrades/migrations, policy/security schemes, workflow development, enhanced search, customization and UI design.
  • Site Search: Search engine integration, indexing, security, customized search and results; Vignette's Business Integration Studio (VBIS) for data & content manipulation.

We offer an Enterprise Web Workshop, a Vignette Health Check, and tools and technologies to accelerate implementation.

Our clients have also called upon us for development and integration services requiring native Java/J2EE development, Ruby on Rails, Grails, AJAX, custom portlets, UI design, solutions architecture consulting, database tuning, and integration of the Vignette suite with external solutions.