Whether you are evaluating Couchbase as a viable Nosql solution or you are a long time community or enterprise user, Avalon Consulting, LLC provides expertise, innovation, and thought leadership around Couchbase.

Avalon provides battle proven advice and expert implementations for Couchbase projects. We understand how to tune, scale and monitor Couchbase clusters in standalone environments or large distributed datacenters.

Avalon also can provide expertise on how to connect Couchbase to other Big Data applications like Kafka, Spark, and Node.js.

Avalon is your trusted resource for ensuring optimal success in your Couchbase implementation projects. We do this by adding senior architectural oversight and expert development resources to your team as needed. Avalon does not seek to take over your development; we seek to become a part of your team and an expert mentor. This allows you to reap value from our engagement long after our projects with you have ended.

If you are evaluating Couchbase as a potential Nosql solution, we encourage you to download our MongoDB vs Couchbase benchmark.



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Architecture That Works.
We Will Deliver.

Most, if not all, organizations struggle with some part of bringing software solutions from inception to client delivery. And most, if not all, organizations know that they struggle. But they either do not know how to improve their processes or they "don't have the time" to improve their processes.

We assist clients ranging from Fortune 50 to startups in understanding how shifts in engineering practices (DevOps) can improve the business value and competitive advantage created by IT. Our conversations and success stories generally revolve around four core practices that most groups engage in: Delivery, Agile Development, Architecture / Implementation and Cloud Automation / Cloud Management.

Read this post on culture change within organizations for a view into how we define DevOps.

Working with our senior-level experts, you will:

  • Reduce the risk and cost of implementing new technologies  
  • Bridge the gap between complex technologies and successful implementation
  • Reduce the time it takes your IT investments to achieve measurable business results
  • Develop and improve mission-critical business applications